Varna - Colors of White

  • Dance Center of Columbia College 1306 S Michigan Ave Chicago, IL, 60605 United States

Natya returns to The Dance Center of Columbia College to celebrate 40 years of performing and creating dance art with the world premiere of Varna – Colors of White, an exploration of universal emotions and their diverse colors that find expression through words, music, dance and drama. Conceived by founder and artistic director Hema Rajagopalan, the narratives bring together the secular and the divine, the manifest and the unmanifest as part of the integrated whole. Eminent musicians from India accompany principal dancer Krithika Rajagopalan and the Natya dancers. Based on ancient texts and poems of Sage poets, and set to original musical scores, Varna considers feelings of love, desire, compassion, sorrow, greed and jealousy along with humor.

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