Day 1 2B

Dear Dancers!

Thank you for those who came to camp today and for all the amazing work you guys put into camp. I also would like to thank all the parents that came today to learn how to do makeup and hair. The kids looked so cute!

For the second half of the day the kids started with stretching and an hour of basics. After basics, we went over all the single hand gestures and learned the first four double hand gestures. Hema aunty was in with us for quite a bit today and we do solo presentations of what they learned. They then moved onto Geetha Dwaniki where we completed the pallavi and anupallavi. During this process, they learned hook, standing brahmari spins, and how to show a flute. Due to all their hard work, please make sure the kids eat well and eat lots of water. In addition, please make sure to send the kids with lots of healthy snacks, a lunch, and water.  (possibly more snacks!).  please make sure to download and print the notes we just uploaded today’s info

thank you!

Shreya and Vela