Day 1 3ab

Namaskaram everyone!

                      The first day of camp has come and gone! We had a lot going on today to jump start the week. In the morning we had a makeup and hair session and I was so impressed by everyone’s willingness to learn and the immense enthusiasm to improve! Make sure to continue practicing what you have learned for this session at home.

Today in the 3a classroom, we brushed up on some basic steps, stretched, did some yoga, and went over the single hand gestures. Although we have done double handed gestures, we also began to go over them again.  Please make sure they practice both the single and double hand gestures (there may or may not be a test 😉 ).  I will make sure to record it for them tomorrow.

We also started our first piece which is called Ulagham Pugazhum. It is a piece composed by KN Dhandayudhapani Pillai, Hema Auntie’s guru in Tamil. It talks about how the entire world praises dance.

Tomorrow we will continue to learn Ulagam goal is to finish by Wednesday. A note for tomorrow: make sure to bring a lot of things to snack on. The days will be long and full of dancing so ensuring that the dancer is hydrated and nourished is very important. You can pack things like dry fruits, fruits, veggies, and sun butter (not peanut butter).

Starting tomorrow they will be in Artistic Pursuits! So excited to see them all tomorrow!!!  I will make sure to work on note taking with them tomorrow.