Day 1 – 4A /D/5

All Levels: 9-11 Make up and hair

All levels: 11-12:30 Talk with Hema and Krithika

1:30 – 5  Conditioning, stretch, mallari, note taking


Day 1 – 4A /D/5

Dear Dancers and Parents,

We were very excited to see everyone today for camp especially on an early Sunday morning!  The morning started off with Hair, Makeup and Makeup remover – oh my.  Everyone is starting to get a handle of Aharyam aspect (decorative elements) but we have a ways to go. But it is with practice I know and trust it will be much better.

The dancers had the opportunity to try hair without the parents but I am really happy to say there are some amazing dads out there doing the hair and make up even better than the moms…..even better than the dancers!!

The kids today had a really great discussion with Hema Aunty and me about a feast of dance things. Many questions were asked by parents and discussion took us in a lot of directions. The one common element that we kept coming back to is how do we propel the kids to be the best in their art.  Video to come….

Today they dove into a small warmer upper – Mallari – which can be brutal. Prarthana, Sanchayana, Sahana, Anusha worked to teaching this item to all of them and ensure their notes were done right. Please make sure they complete writing their notes before tomorrow.  But it is the best to get these dancers into stamina, breathing, and technical shape. They have a ways to go to get the energy to get thru it. It will take about a month to get it clean and strong and delivered without stopped. Please make sure you are continuing the practice of this dance daily even after camp.

The aim:  to be able to do 5 mallaris within a 60 min span with at least 2 delivered with full perfection of stamina, grace, energy, and wires on.

They will be sore, hungry, and dehydrated. Please do the needful to replenish them:)





mallari video