Day 2 Level 3c

Day 2 Level 3c

Dear Parents and Dancers,

We accomplished a lot today!!! We started the day off with stretching, core exercises and Surya Namaskaram. The girls are working hard on their push-ups and have been learning how to activate their core. After warm up, Subhiksha Akka drilled basic steps from 9:30-10:30. We focused on posture and presence.

After a quick break, we started reviewing our piece – Vishnu Kavattuvam. Hema Aunty worked with the girls on their Natyarambham (curving of the hands). Their technique in their Jathi’s has improved so much!

Once they mastered their first Jathi with Hema aunty, we began teaching them the rest of the piece. An hour later it was time for lunch at 12.

After a much deserved break, the girls were energized and ready to wrap up the piece. Within 3 hours the rest of our 10 minute piece was completed. We wrote out the 4 Jathi’s in the piece on whiteboards to solidify the beats and the girls left feeling confident about the piece.

We are so proud of how much they have accomplished in the past 2 days! Make sure the girls stretch at home to alleviate any soreness, and send them with plenty of nutritious snack’s tomorrow.

Thank you,

Subhiksha and Nayana