Day 2 level 4A

Hi parents!

We began today with our new item, Abhaya Karam. This piece invokes Vishnu and tells the stories of all 10 avatarams. In the morning, Hema Aunty discussed the Hindu philosophy that underlies this piece with the students so that they can build a strong understanding of this piece’s meaning. We taught the students Matsya, Kurma, and Varaaha avataars along with 3 swarams. The pallavi and anupallavi of the piece were taught yesterday. As of now, around 10 minutes of the piece is already taught. Way to go level 4a!

We also did some basic steps, reviewed mallari, and talked about our goals for the rest of camp. We want to increase technique during mallari so that arms are strong, fingers are tight, core is engaged, and back is straight, with facial expressions. Each student can watch today’s videos and find themselves in today’s photos to correct their own posture for tomorrow.

As for homework, we request that students hydrate, stretch, and watch the Abhaya Karam video! We will be moving forward with the piece tomorrow and it will be difficult to do so if students are still confused about today’s material. Thanks for the hard work today! We look forward to seeing you all bright and early tomorrow morning.


Sanchu and Prarthana

Level 4a