Day 2 Mushika

Day 2 Mushika

Dear Parents and Dancers,

Hello!!! The dancers improved so much today and will probably be super sore when they get home!!

In the morning we began with the Aangikam Bhuvanam slokam, and all the kids learned the meaning of the words and recited it beautifully! Afterwards we went over all our basic steps from 9-10:30 and really improved our yettu and tirmanam adavus!! From 10:30 – 11 we did some conditioning exercises, the kids may be super sore today, but they are getting stronger day by day! Afterwards we took a coloring break until lunch where they drew some fabulous shiva pictures.

After lunch we worked on memorizing the words in the first section of the Shabdham piece with the meanings. Today we really went in on everything we learned yesterday, and made sure that all of it was solid. We also covered the second jathi today! Hema aunty worked with all the students on the expressions, ask them to show you their “amazement” expression when they get home!! We had lots of fun and they did an amazing job.

Once again, they might be super tired from today so please make sure to give them lots of water and nutritious food. Also, please give them some tech time today to review and practice with the video links below.  Some of the kiddos could use more healthy snacks (oranges, apples, dates, apricots, dried fruit, protein bars, yogurts, granola bar)

Thank you so much and looking forward to a great day tomorrow!

Arjaa and Sejal