Day 2 Singham
Hello!! The kids improved a lot today and are working hard on the dance!
Today, we first recited the prayer Aangikam Bhuvanam Yasya and they learnt meanings for each line. We then did a lot of bar work for conditioning to strengthen their leg muscles in particular. They might be sore today so please make sure to give them nutritious food and lots of water tonight! 
We also reviewed the story of Pundaleeka and the first jathi of Sabdam. The kids learnt the second jathi towards the end of class today as well. Finally, we went over the asamyukta hastas with the song and played a fun game with the kids to review the hand gestures.
Please make sure they practice the first two jathis of Sabdam, the story about Pundaleeka, and the asamyukta hastas today with the videos we took in class. Here are also some pictures of the fun we had today!
They are doing great and we will start the next story (about Ekalavya) tomorrow. Looking forward to the third day of camp!
Have a great evening!
Kiran and Malini