Day 2 – 2/5ths of the way there!

Dear All,

I am sorry this is late. All files would not load today to youtube so I had sent out to everyone’s reps whatsapp earlier today. Please do check back I will try to get the files out again now.

Today we worked on a bunch of different elements but first one of the major things was to address was intention to move with full 100% intention to delivery. We worked thru in a smart way to effectively grow our technique, cleanly deliver and stay focused and present thru the dance. The worked thru the first two sections of mallari and found that that is truly where their energy level took them too when they danced at full. (which is perfectly fine)

We know now that that is our starting point: it is how we will deliver at full and grow our stamina, grace, stability, breath, aramandi, and lengthening body from there.

We then started our new piece and dove straight in. Today we worked first on understanding note taking of rhythm, developed our integrity in understanding the sollukattu and the underlying beat, and recalled all 5 gatis or time structures. We finished the first section and got thru to video taping the 2nd with a strong understanding of the step but it would be great if the dancers worked on getting it memorized.

tomorrow we will complete the next 3 sections of the dances. It will not be easy. But it will be strong and they will delivery with confidence. They are all trying hard and working to achieve the piece.

I forgot we also did some conditioning work where surprise surprise…..simple movements of conditioning may wake you up to a bit of pain tomorrow. Sorry about that! Drink….eat well….and stretch.

See you all tomorrow!

Krithika – with TAs Sahana and Shreya

Day 2 – 2/5ths of the way there!
nritta vandanam video 1 into 2nd section