Day 3 3AB


Today in camp we started with 2 rounds of suryanamaskarams focusing on breathing and making sure they were aware that their body movements and breaths are interdependent. This leads us into basic steps where we learned a new position. It is called Natya arambam (curved arms!!!). They put it into practice as they did their adavus. They noticed that they were activating muscles in the arms that have never been used when their arms were straight. It is a very different posture that requires a lot of awareness and practice. We recommended that they take a look at their curved arms in the mirror and get used to how it feels to be in the correct position.
We also had a test today on some of the hand gestures that they learned yesterday! They all did very well. More of those to come in the future.
We learned about the different beat sequences in dance one being Kandam, five beats, and Mishram, seven beats. Ask your kids about them today! They will definitely demonstrate! All of these beat sequences will be present in our new dance Jaya Janaki which we started today.
Please make sure your kids come to camp with snacks and water. Excited to see you guys tomorrow!
Make sure to practice double hand gestures! There may or may not be a quiz tomorrow…
Write out the notes for at least one swaram in Ullagam (other then the one we wrote in class today)
Anusha and Amuktha