day 3 Level 2

One dance down in the books! and the second one…..already looking pretty amazing. These kids are amazing.!  Please see the updated music for madhava mamava on the main page.

Hello and thank you for another great day at camp! We started the day off with stretching and basics. We then learned the aaridhi for Geeta Dwaniki and drilled the dance to solidify it. Then we started out new piece Madava maamava! We learned the starting swarm and finished the Pallavi. In this process, the kids also learned how to properly take hand written notes.

The kids were feeling sore during class today, so please make sure they eat well, drink LOTS of water, and stretch/roll out. Finally, a reminder to send the kids with water, food, and a bindi. Excited to work with them  again

Vela and Shreya