day 3 Level 3C

Dear Parents and Dancers,

We had an eventful day! First, we started with conditioning, Surya Namaskaram and basic steps. Subhiksha Akka has been helping the girls unleash their strength. We focused on perfecting Natyarambham (curving of the arms). We are seeing so much improvement and are so proud of the girls’ progress!

During break, we answered the girls’ discrepancies by going over each line in Vishnu Kavattuvam. They feel extremely confident and know the meaning of every word in the dance. Hema Aunty then corrected Vishnu Kavattuvam by splitting the girls into groups and fixing each one of their mistakes.They have the piece down solid, and are looking very clean!

After Lunch, we started our second piece – Idadu Paadam. It is a unique piece that has been newly choreographed by Hema aunty for camp. The girls worked diligently until 3 and learned the Pallavi and Anupallavi. They then worked on both pieces and added some interesting poses and formations in lieu of the upcoming performance.

We are so excited for you to see how hard the girls’ have worked. Please make sure the girls’ have a roller to stretch tonight. We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!