Day 3 Level 4AB

Hi parents!

Today we spent the morning reviewing the parts of the piece we taught yesterday (Matsya, Kurma, and Varaha avatarams). Hema Aunty joined us and emphasized the importance of being present and expressing strongly. We split up the piece and went through it section by section so that the students know what they should be saying in their heads during each expression.
We also taught Narasimha, Vamana, and Parashurama avatarams and there will be videos available for students to practice with. So far, we are very happy with the progress we are making and are on track to finish Abhaya Karam soon! By the end of today, the students had learned almost 20 minutes of the piece.
Tonight, we want everyone to hydrate, stretch, and please watch the videos! It’s important to go over past material so that we can move forward with new material  tomorrow. We are planning on doing a more intense version of basic steps tomorrow since we weren’t able to do any today, so don’t forget your water bottle! Keep working on those expressions and watch yourselves in the videos to see where you can improve.
See you tomorrow,
Sanchu and Prarthana