Day 3 Mushika

Day 3 Mushika

Dear Parents and Dancers,

Hello!!! The dancers spent a great day today improving their Shabdham! Ask them to show you their amazing expressions once they get home!!!

In the morning we began with the Aangikam Bhuvanam slokam, and did some yoga. The kids learned Surya Namaskaram today, ask them to show you when they get home! Afterwards we went over all our basic steps from 9-10:00 and really focused on our nattuadavu #5, Yettu adavu, and tirmanam adavus. Afterwards we took a short snack break and went over everything that was learned yesterday.

After lunch we learned the second story in our Shabdham piece, which is about Ekalavya, as well as guru bhakthi! The kids have really improved their expressions! Hema aunty worked with all the students on story 2, and they had lots of fun practicing their archery pose.

Please make sure that you send the kids with their snacks! Suggestions include oranges, apples, dates, apricots, dry fruit, protein bars, yogurts, granola bars, etc. Also, please give them some tech time today to review the videos so they can come in prepared tomorrow! Thank you so much and looking forward to a great day tomorrow!

Thank you!

Arjaa, Sejal