Day 4 3ab

Hello everyone!

Today we started with stretches making sure to hit spots that were sore. After we went through basic steps making sure to work on good aramandi and tight hands. Afterwards the girls had another test today on the double hand gestures. Today they felt much more confident and the results were that way. So proud of how far they have come. We finished ullagam and made refinements to the swarms. We worked on them individually to make sure that all of the girls were on the same page.
We had also worked more on Jaya Janaki. We are more than half way done! We are most likely going to finish tomorrow so make sure to work on all of the hands as well as the jathis at home so we can use class time wisely.
We also went through the homework that they had done the day before. All of them did an excellent job! I sent then home with corrections and told them to write the notes for swaram 4.
Good job today and look forward to seeing them all tomorrow!
1) practice double and single hand gestures: test tomorrow
2) write notes for swaram 4 (you can do more if you would like!)