Day 4 Singham – the lion
Dear parents and dancers:
Hello!! The dancers are improving a lot and are getting stronger every day! 
We began the day with the prayer Aangikam Bhuvanam and went over the meaning of the shlokam again. They did leg strengthening exercises on the bars for conditioning and also were able to do Surya Namaskaram A all by themselves today!
Afterwards, we reviewed the first two jathis, the story about Pundaleeka, and the story about Ekalavya several times and in groups before moving on to the third jathi. 
We also went over all the asamyukta hastas and all the different ways they can be used – ask them to show you what they learnt today! Hema aunty also went over the Prahlada story with the kids (which is the next story in Sabdam). 
Please make sure they practice the old and new parts of the dance with the videos as well as Surya Namaskaram. They should also be practicing their asamyukta hastas throughout the week. Please make sure they are having healthy food and lots of water since they might be tired when they come home today. Here are some pictures of the fun we had today!
Looking forward to another great day tomorrow!