Day 5 singham……the Lion

Dear parents and dancers:
Hello!! We can’t believe the dancers just finished a whole week of camp and are going to perform tomorrow!
We began the day with the prayer Aangikam Bhuvanam and went over the meaning of the slokam again. We then did Surya Namaskaram A twice and went through a quick but rigorous round of basic steps.
After the first snack break, we reviewed the whole dance several times and made sure all the questions of the dancers were answered and that they felt confident for tomorrow.
We also played many games of Simon Says (or “Akkas Say” as they like to call it) in Bharatanatyam, where they were able to learn all the meanings of the asamyukta hastas and review the adavus in a fun way. We continued to play other games which helped them do the same.
The 1C dance classes performed for each other towards the end of the day and practiced the dance a little more before having Hema Aunty watch them dance.
The kids have worked so hard all week and we are so proud of them! Please give your child some tech time today so that they can review the dance before the performance tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing all the dancers there tomorrow!
Thank you for an amazing week full of dance and fun!

Day 5 singham……the Lion
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