Natya Presents:
Ankita Challa’s Arangetram

Saturday, June 25, 2022
4:00 pm
Dominican University
Natya Presents:
Ankita Challa’s Arangetram

An arangetram, literally meaning ‘ascending the stage,’ is a stepping stone in a student’s study of Bharatanatyam. It marks the completion of the initial training of the student and one’s blossoming into a dancer. Join us in celebrating the artistic accomplishments of our senior students at their arangetrams this summer! All performances open to the public.

Natya Dance Theatre and Shirisha and Srinivas Challa request the honor of your presence and blessings at the Bharatanatyam Arangetram (South Indian classical dance debut) of their daughter, Ankitha Challa, disciple of Smt. Hema Rajagopalan Artistic Director and Smt. Krithika Rajagopalan Co-Artistic Director, Natya Dance Theatre.

Seating begins at 3:30pm.

Free performance open to the public.

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Masks, vaccinations, and negative status are required due to Covid Protocols