Level 3: Week 1 Day 1

You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.
Andre' Gide
Level 3: Week 1 Day 1

Here is what we did today!

song slow choreography

Dear Parents,

The dancers were amazing today.

  1. We started out strong with a full day of yoga for 40 min that went thru surya namaskaram 5x holding our breath from 4 counts and expanding it to 5 counts on the last round.  It was quite difficult.  We all took note of what our bodies were feeling and recorded it in our journals.  We will be asking them to do this each day to not only note our progress but also the change in our bodies, the awareness of our mind and try to further our strength and flexibilty.
  2. Basics were a full run of 45 min and we focused on getting the energy and not stopping and fulfilling the movement to the end.  We all made it!
  3. Today we started learning Blah blah blah and we went thru the 2nd line of the Anupallavi and have it memorized.  But we want to not only have the words memorized but the meanings too.  Ask your dancer to sing the song for you…..oh yes…dance and singing in this camp.  Enjoy!  Here are the links and picture from todays practice