Natya Dance Theatre. Chicago Camp. Summer Intensive. Bharatanatyam. Indian Dance Camp. Krithika Rajagopalan. Hema teaching in Summer Camp. Online camp
Natya Dance Theatre. Chicago Camp. Summer Intensive. Bharatanatyam. Indian Dance Camp. Krithika Rajagopalan. Hema teaching in Summer Camp. Online camp



  1. Video and audio taping during class is very important as a study aid. However, videotaping of the instructor is not allowed. Videotaping another student may be done only with permission from the teacher and the parents of the student involved; photos and videos of students may only be posted to social media with the written permission of the parents of all children in a given photo or video. Please concentrate on your own child’s progress. No audio or videotaping Natya performances, whether they be Natya School or otherwise, are permitted.
  2. No photography or videography of any kind is allowed during the Natya Dance Theatre School Annual Day or Student Showcase or performances. This includes but is not limited to photos or videos taken with a camera phone. These performances are professionally photographed and videotaped, with copies sent to all Natya parents.
  3. Students are not allowed to give public performances without prior approval of the Artistic Director.
  4. Students may not study Bharata Natyam with any other school or teacher while enrolled in the NDT School. If a student’s parent has their own dance school, they are not to teach Bharata Natyam so there will be no conflict with their child’s Natya education.
  5. It is highly recommended that parents attend every class to ensure their child’s progress.
  6. It is required to wear appropriate practice attire in class. Please see Attire Policy.
  7. All students must attend class with the following supplies: notebook paper, pencil or pen, audioand a video recording device, water.
  8. Each student must purchase their dance costume and all their accessories for performances.Performance dance costumes must match others’ and adhere to Natya’s standards. Costumes and accessories are available for purchase through Natya (or elsewhere, if specifically approved by the Artistic Director).
  9. Camp is a mandatory part of the curriculum. If you are not able to attend camp, you may attend the make up days. If you are not able to attend the make up days, please purchase private lessons to learn the missed materials. Videos of each days learned items will be shared to you via the portal.


  1. Disrespect to any teacher, fellow student, or any other is unacceptable.
  2. Students are to obey the directives of the teacher.
  3. Parents are encouraged to be present in every class if possible and videotape their childThis results in aiding the development of the dancer to their potential and supports theirlearning.
  4. Parents may not interfere with or disrupt class. During class, parents should not speak toeach other or to their children who are in class. Small children may sit in class with their parents, but it is the parent’s responsibility to make sure that their child does not disturb the class session.
  5. Students and parents are to proceed quietly and in an orderly manner entering and exiting the building and classroom.
  6. Students may arrive at class 10 minutes before class and must wait outside the classroom. They should start warming up without disturbing students who are already in class.
  7. Upon entering the classroom, students and parents are expected to remove their shoes before entering the classroom and sitting quietly.
  8. Students may not chew gum in or around the school area. Food or drinks (other than water) are not allowed in the classroom.
  9. Students must leave the school area as soon as possible after dismissal with an accompanying adult. Please leave the parking lot as soon as possible to make room for others. Students are not allowed to loiter or remain at the studio 15 minutes past the end of class time.
  10. Natya rents studios throughout the Chicagoland area in which to hold classes. Students and parents must act responsibly and respect studio facility property, as well as the studio management.
  11. If you are unable to attend a class, you must inform the NDT company office prior to class. Do not call the Artistic Director.
  12. Good discipline within a school is dependent on the cooperation between the home and the school. Parents are responsible for working with the teacher and supporting the discipline within the school. Parents should play an active role in their child’s artistic development and should make sure that their child follows the rules and regulations of this institution.